Maria De Filippi and maurizio Costanzo, the ‘Cupid’ of the couple speaks 30 years later: “He was rude with her, then immediately set in Rome”

Today they form one of the pairs the most solid in the world of entertainment, both in the private and from the professional point of view. But how they met Maria De Filippi and Maurizio Costanzo, the bride and groom far back as 1995? To tell it today, thirty years later, the lawyer Giorgio Assumma, a friend of both.

The first meeting of Maria De Filippi and Maurizio Costanzo

Cupid of the couple was, in a certain sense, the same Assumma, since that seems to have been to his credit if the two met for the first time. Galeotto was the Festival of Cinema of Venice, in which they were both, although with different roles: she was a professional as soon as a law graduate, he is a man already established in the world of tv. “In the beginning was rude and unfriendly. But after fifteen days you already saw in Rome,” says Assumma to the Courier.

A meeting certainly particular, which, however, would have opened the way to a love story of a different tenor. The one shoulder of the other, today both recognize the absolute gratitude of their love. “Seems rhetorical, but the phrase ‘I could not live without her,’ now, Mary, has a meaning,” he recently said Costanzo, “With the years the ratio becomes, becomes the intimacy, complicity. Having a woman at your side, even if it’s your best friend, it is still an advantage.”

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These, however, the words used by Mary to describe the relationship with the husband: “Maurizio is central throughout is oak, there is. I would like to be like him. He does not tear, does not become angry, as to me part of the embolus. I’d like to be able to count on a good dose of calm, to be able to sit at the table and face a discussion with detachment. But the disappointment comes over me and condition me, because it conceals always a deep human investment. And I cannot control myself, I’d take a slapping. Then the day after I passed, but there and then, before the disappointment are a beast”.