Maria Esposito Antonio Orefice breakup? Social clues


The Rumors of a Breakup

For weeks, gossip has been insinuating that Maria Esposito and Antonio Orefice have said goodbye. But now from the social profiles of the two actors – who met on the set of the successful Rai Mare Fuori series where she plays Rosa Ricci and he plays Totò Ascione – there are clues that do not seem to leave any doubt. The two have stopped following each other on Instagram. And from Maria’s profile, all the photos with Antonio and the date of their engagement, 22/02/2022, have disappeared. In the same way, on Orefice’s profile there are no more images of the girl and the comments she often left under his posts have also disappeared. The two actors have not yet officially communicated the breakup, but the social clues seem to speak clearly.

The Perfect Idyll

Maria and Antonio, who had fallen in love between one take and the other of Mare fuori 3 (now she has just started shooting the fourth season of the series) had made their official debut as a couple at the Rome Film Festival in October 2022, where they had walked hand in hand. Their idyll seemed perfect until last April, when word spread that she had a flirtation with another castmate, Massimiliano Caiazzo (who is also engaged to Elena D’Amario, former dancer of Amici). The indiscretion was immediately denied by Esposito with a post on Instagram.

Social Clues

Then in April, fans of the couple noticed strange movements on the social profiles of Antonio and Maria: the two had deleted some photos and videos of them together on Instagram and TikTok. Shortly afterwards, the disappeared posts were visible again, and everyone had speculated that it was a banal argument between lovers that was quickly resolved. Will the same happen this time?


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