Maria Teresa Campos fulfills her dream of becoming a great-grandmother.


Happiness in Maria Teresa Campos’ House

In the midst of the illness and family conflicts she has been living for the past few months, happiness entered Maria Teresa Campos’ house on June 5th, the day her first grandchild was born to the popular and beloved journalist. “My mother is very happy. She has been saying for years that she didn’t want to die without being a grandmother. Last night she was and I’m very happy right now,” said her daughter Carmen Borrego, who was the one to give her the happy news. The talk show host revealed that Campos was especially content because “she has always said that her first grandchild is the man of her life“.

Family Reconciliation?

But things won’t be so easy. At odds with her son, José María Almoguera, and his wife, Paola Olmedo, for months, days after the baby’s birth, Carmen still hadn’t met her grandchild, who, according to El Español, is named Marc. However, the baby could be the key to reconciliation in the family, since it was José María himself who had a detail and informed his mother of the birth. “I found out from Fiesta that they had entered the hospital, but he called me to tell me he had been born,” Borrego revealed to her Sálvame colleagues.

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