Maria Teresa Campos, Happy: Dreamed of Becoming a Great-Grandmother


A Grandmother’s Joy

There’s nothing like the birth of a baby to fill a family with joy… and that’s exactly what has happened these days in the Campos clan: the arrival of Carmen Borrego’s first grandchild has been a great wave of happiness for everyone. After hearing from José María Almoguera, Carmen’s son, that both mother and baby (a boy they have called Marc) are doing perfectly well, now is the time to celebrate the birth of the little one.

Carmen Borrego’s Discreet Happiness

The youngest of the Campos sisters, now a happy grandmother, has gone out to celebrate with her family the news, and has been able to talk to the reporters of Europa Press about how they are going through this beautiful moment. Carrying gifts as a present from her daughter, Carmen Borrego couldn’t hide her happiness, although she wanted to be very discreet. According to Carmen, her mother is radiant with happiness at the idea of having become a great-grandmother.

The Family Celebrates the News

“She has been saying for years that she didn’t want to die without being a great-grandmother, last night she was a great-grandmother and at this moment I am very happy”, confessed Carmen, getting into her car as she left a Madrid restaurant.


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