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María Teresa Campos: Last Farewell in Malaga

Tribute to María Teresa Campos

Very emotional and close. That was the special tribute that Terelu Campos and Carmen Borrego gave to their mother at the Parish of San Pablo in Málaga. Surrounded by their closest family and friends, the journalist’s daughters received the love and unconditional support of many Malagueños who came there to show their great affection for the beloved one. Supported by their children, the presenters also counted on the support of other well-known faces, such as the President of the Andalusian Government, Juanma Moreno, or the singer Diana Navarro, who was in charge of putting voice and music to the tribute.

Terelu’s Emotional Words

Despite the sadness more than evident on her face, Terelu was filled with courage to dedicate some very emotional words to her mother, remembering how much she had fought for women’s rights throughout her life: “Fighting for equality, for a feminism that she defended tooth and nail, defending values that cost her that Fuerza Nueva burned her car and, years later, ETA threatened her with death“. Terelu also highlighted during her speech her mother’s great union with Málaga: “For her honor and ours, the democratic parties decided, unanimously, that Málaga would be the one in charge of reading the manifesto in favor of the Constitution after the attempted coup d’etat of 81”.

Final Farewell

Carmen Almoguera also had some beautiful words for her grandmother, in which she also remembered her brother José María and her cousin Alejandra Rubio: “She was an exceptional being and will continue to be a support for us. We are sure that from where she is, she will not stop loving and defending us as only she knows how to do”. In a very emotional funeral mass, Diana Navarro and Juan Peña were in charge of putting the musical touch. A few hours before the tribute, the journalist’s daughters fulfilled their mother’s express wish to rest in her land with the rest of the family. With sadness on their faces and dressed in black, the two sisters arrived at the Church of the Dove accompanied by Carmen Almoguera, José Carlos Bernal and Gustavo Guillermo to deposit the ashes of their mother with those of her grandmother Concepción and her aunt Leli, to whom the journalist was especially close. Just a few minutes later, José María Almoguera and Paola Olmedo also arrived at the church with little Marc in the stroller. Alejandra Rubio was the only granddaughter who could not travel to the Andalusian city to accompany her mother in the final farewell to María Teresa Campos.



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