Marie infiltrates taclée by his own father : his harsh words on the stand-up comedian


The humor of Marie infiltrates, which has generated much controversy with its hidden cameras, not really like, not everyone. Including his father, who would have preferred to see a career in another field and harshly criticize her choice of life.

That’s already three years that Mary infiltrates publishes on his YouTube channel and on social networks, hidden-cameras , more or less well received by the users. Characterized by his side without discomfort, the young woman was very quickly irritated or provoked controversy. In 2018, his appearance at the gay pride March as a member of the Manif for all was shocked. But it is, no doubt, his performance last November at the walk to end violence against women, which was the more indignant. The comedian, who was already thoroughly annoyed by encrusting on the catwalk for the Chanel show the previous month, has this time been violently criticized. In the Face of the grumbling, Marie infiltrates had attempted to provide explanations deemed unsatisfactory, and had finally been pushed out of Large, Darka to C8, where she was then. After a few months away from the media, she is finally back this 11 January at 20: 30 on Saturday.

Marie infiltrates criticized by his father in front of the cameras

The issuance of France 2 dedicated a reportage to the Marie infiltrates, following her in her daily life. The opportunity to see her back on the controversy from last November, as well as to assume her desire to talk about it and make the promo of his show with his happenings : “as Soon as he had the first buzz, I knew these videos-there were going to be a springboard for something else “, she said. This portrait has also allowed the viewers to discover his relationship with his parents during a sequence filmed at the family home. If her mother supported her in her career and her videos polemics, his father is “a lot less packed,” according to the voice-over of France 2. “I would have preferred that she do something different, but good… “, he entrusted from the outset. Him who saw it, rather, to do ” policy “, thanks to the studies she has made, “did not hide his disappointment :” It’s a clown, that is to say, an artist. It will end up like Molière… thrown into the common grave “, has he dropped in front of his daughter. Atmosphere…


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