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Marie Portolano Tears: Animator Breaks Down Over Heart-Wrenching Testimony

M6 Launches New Show “Help Our Farms”

This Wednesday evening, M6 launched a new show which honors the agricultural world and the difficulties it faces. Marie Portolano was chosen to embody this program. While pregnant with seven months at the time of shooting, the presenter could not travel to the farms of the farmers. So they came to her, in a farm not far from the Paris region. Mrs. Grégoire Ludig met Stéphane, a cow farmer accompanied by his son Dorian, 18. And the latter explained that this was a real family story.

A Family Story in Danger

“The farm was created 65 years ago. My parents had the farm. They started with a cow and a small piece of land and they developed gradually. I took over the farm in 2002. I continued the dairy activity and after that, we encountered difficulties…, he confessed, referring in particular to the price of milk which has dropped and prevented him from repaying his loans. At that moment, I have to make the decision to sell the herd… So it’s not a small decision because I have a son passionate about cows. For Dorian, the farm is everything to him,” he explained to Marie Portolano. The heritage of the farm was therefore more than ever in danger and, to this, were added heavy personal problems.

Friendship Saves the Day

“After that, their mother left… We have to find solutions. We have to face the children. We must not go crazy because you are all alone. At that time, I lost a few pounds…”, he remembered. So in a real impasse, Stéphane had even thought of the worst. “If I hadn’t had my friend Samuel who was there, I wouldn’t be here anymore. Day and night he listened to me, psychologically, he supported me,” the farmer cried. A poignant story that moved Marie Portolano a lot, who also shed a few tears.



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