Mario Biondo Murder: Oscar Tarruella on Mediaset Powerbroker Behind Killing


The Death of Mario Biondo

A few days ago, Óscar Tarruella presented his book “Diary of a Homicide Agent” in Madrid and some media had the opportunity to talk to him about various topics. But undoubtedly, one of the most media of those that this criminologist deals with is that of the death of Mario Biondo, which has been 10 years since it happened. The ex-husband of Mónica Naranjo works hand in hand with the family of the former TV cameraman, and has developed several theories about it. Tarruella is of the opinion that Raquel Sánchez Silva has been her worst enemy in this case, and he positions himself with Santina and Pippo, Mario’s parents.

The Strange Pact of Silence

The criminologist, during an intervention in “Investigation Team”. In a conversation with journalist Carlos Bustos, collected by the newspaper El Español, Tarruella explains what the aforementioned medium considers an “strange pact of silence not to talk about the Biondo case”. In said conversation it was spoken of that “for eight years, Mediaset did not dedicate a single minute to talk about the Biondo case. Suddenly, the directive changed, great directors left Mediaset and, one fine day, someone took the determination to start a program about Biondo. Behind his murder there are fact powers and also a person with great power within Mediaset who knows a lot”, they added. “Antena 3 and TVE also joined”, Tarruella added.

Theories Behind the Murder

Tarruella believes that behind the murder of Mario Biondo there are fact powers and a person with great power within a media outlet who knows a lot about the case. He also believes that the media outlets Mediaset, Antena 3 and TVE have been involved in a “strange pact of silence not to talk about the Biondo case”.


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