Marion Christmann (Tomorrow belongs to us) : she confides with emotion in the rape scene she had to play

On the occasion of an interview given to Purepeople, the actress Marion Christmann confided about his role in the series Tomorrow belongs to us. In particular, it is returned to the plot, which revolves around her character and who has been very marked, as it is a rape.

Since the 15th of last June, TF1 broadcasts episodes of his series Tomorrow belongs to us. After weeks of stop due to the health crisis and the suspension of filming, viewers were finally reunited with their favorite actors, such as Marion Christmann, who plays the role of Amanda Faro, a young nurse at the hospital Saint-Clair. The actress confided about his role in the series during an interview granted to Purepeople. It is first of all referred to the period of confinement and must confess that the studios turning to him to have missed a lot : “We had stopped in the full plot. We wanted to finish it, to get these emotions out there. We were stopped in full volume We had almost finished”, she explains. Especially as the character that she plays has a history of heavy : in fact, Marion Christmann has had to play a rape scene, which has upset.

A body and a spirit marked

She was forced to watch “documentaries to know how to respond. To understand the distance that one has after an emotional shock. But I don’t have any prepared beforehand, I wanted it to remain spontaneous. I really trusted at the time, letting go. I mostly worked on my breathing.” Physically also, the young actress has suffered : “Frankly speaking, it is as if we were there. It was pretty crazy to see how, in two seconds, we can realize to what extent it is horrible. (…) The next day, I had body aches. My whole body was tense,” says the young woman. She who was accustomed to play comedies had to adapt. Marion Christmann confess to have been very proud to have been chosen to play a role so strong in the series Tomorrow belongs to us.