Marion Rousse & Julian Alaphilippe: Sweet Moment with Nino Growing Up!


A Complicated Year for Julian Alaphilippe

Serious things are about to start for Marion Rousse and Julian Alaphilippe and the couple is determined to have a successful year. The French champion had a rather complicated year in 2022 and he hopes that things will turn in his favor this year. Victim of repeated falls and various misfortunes, the 30-year-old cyclist should be, unless surprised, present this year on the Tour de France.

A Family Moment to Forget the Worries of Everyday Life

Having become one of the favorites of the French public following his many exploits on the Great Loop, the native of Saint-Amand-Montrond (Cher) knows he is under pressure and nothing better than a family moment to forget the worries of everyday life. Julian Alaphilippe has been in a relationship for several years with the beautiful Marion Rousse and the two lovebirds are driven by the same passion for cycling. Having become director of the Tour de France Femmes last year, the former professional cyclist of 31 years will live her second edition in this new costume that suits her so well. She will also have to juggle with her role as a mother, she who gave birth to a little Nino on June 14, 2021. Since then, everything has been going well for the couple, settled near Andorra, between France and Spain where the little blond boy seems to be perfectly blossoming.

Recharging Batteries Before a Decisive Period

Before things get too busy for the couple with the arrival of the Tour de France, the small family was able to get together, as Marion Rousse showed on her Instagram account. Followed by nearly 315,000 subscribers on the platform, the former cyclist likes to share moments of life and especially photos of her little Nino, who looks a lot like her. This Monday, May 29, the young mother shared a nice picture with her son and Julian Alaphilippe, while the little family is eating watermelon (the photo can be found in the slideshow). A beautiful selfie on which we can see that at almost 2 years old, Nino is already very big! On the approach of a decisive period in Julian Alaphilippe’s season, the rider was able to recharge his batteries with his wife and son.


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