Mark Caltagirone, Valeria Marini: “I Think Pamela Prati, we have also tried with me”

Valeria Marini has remained close to her Pamela Prati during these difficult months. He followed from a distance, it when necessary also in public. Now that every mask has fallen and that the absence of Mark Caltagirone has been understood, the sardinian showgirl confesses to Novella2000 to believe that the Meadows is innocent. It would fall on a network, the same that would have threatened to engulf even her some time before:

I believe you and I believe that you are safe from all that mud that was thrown at him. Pamela has not been able to escape from that plagiarism at the moment in which you realized that something was wrong. The phenomenon is there and is real and there are our colleagues, not only Pamela, who have been the victims. Pamela, however, knows that I am for you I’ll be there, always, because friends do not abandon themselves especially when they live difficult moments, especially when you are wrong, you trusted the wrong people. It happened to me, and with the same people. Also with me, they talked about boyfriends, someone I could know. I am a strong woman, there are fall, but if I had a moment of weakness, who knows.

Pamela Meadows with Mark Caltagirone wanted to believe

The same Pamela Meadows confesses to Novella2000 have wanted to believe with all his might that Caltagirone exist. The it seemed impossible, he says, to think of having wasted a lot of time behind a romantic fantasy: “I was plagiata. Luckily I have my family. I could not do otherwise because it seemed to me impossible that there was a love in which I had believed, and which for months has given a meaning to my life”.

Movies and books on the history Caltagirone

The case Mark Caltagirone promises to keep the tour on tv and on the net for a long while yet. Pamela Prati has announced the intention of making a film on the story that has a view of the protagonist, while Eliana Michelazzo going to write a book. Only Pamela Perricciolo is silent. After you have told the truth to the, later reiterated in tv to Live – Not the D’urso, the former manager of the Meadows, returned to Civitanova Marche by his suffering, ready to leave behind the last few difficult months.