Marlène Schiappa reveals a surprising anecdote about her encounter with her husband

Marlène Schiappa is a romantic. The secretary of State in charge of Equality between women and men is still hooked on her husband Cedric Bruguière, with whom she seems to have materialized in a special place.

Take out the hearts, candles, poems and other outbursts of feelings. In this Friday, 14th February, love is in the spotlight. If this Valentine’s day 2020 will remain engraved forever in the memory of Benjamin Griveaux – and not to have spent one day more romantic with his wife Julia Minkoswski –, there are strong chances that one of Marlène Schiappa is equally unforgettable, but for good reasons this time. In a relationship with Cedric Bruguière, to whom she is married since 2006, the secretary of State in charge of Equality between women and men has never hidden the underside of his meeting at work with the father of her two girls : “I was assistant. I offered him a glass of water. When he told me “yes”, I told him to go for a used one because I was busy. He was hired and we worked together for a year“.

“The last place “

Fourteen years after having tied his fate to Cedric Bruguière, Marlène Schiappa has always hearts in her eyes referring to her husband. In the columns of the magazine She, the writer, a 37-year-old has sent a very nice nod to the man of her life. While journalist Veronique Vatinos sought to know the place where the founder of the blog Mom works felt better, Marlène Schiappa did not pray for answer : “in The last row of a cinema in Montparnasse, where I live and where I met my husband he was seventeen years of age “. The program Marlène Schiappa and Cedric Bruguière for Valentine’s day ? A canvas can be, as in the good old times…