Marriage Paola Turani and Riccardo Serpellini: among the guests, Aurora Ramazzotti and Giulia Valentina

Today, Friday, July 5, Paola Turani she married Richard Serpellini. The influencers and the entrepreneur have chosen a location surrounded by nature to pronounce the fateful yes. The ceremony, which began at 17:00, and the reception were held at Pay to Lonato del Garda, in the province of Brescia. The property boasts a lovely greenhouse, and romantic gardens. A true oasis of peace.

Turani and Serpellini married after 8 years of engagement

Paola Turani and Riccardo Serpellini they met in 2011. Born in 1987 she, class of 1973 him: among them are 14-year age difference. From the beginning it struck the spark, but the entrepreneur has quickly found a way to get a second chance. Riccardo Serpellini, in fact, has relied on the passion of Paola for the painting. In an interview with The Newspaper’, the influencer has to say:

“We know each other from when I was 18 years old, but it is not immediately struck the spark. A few years later he asked me to upholster the walls of his house, fresh renovation. The day I handed him the picture ex-convict, is taken the first kiss. He had prepared a candlelight dinner. From that moment on we never left”.

The bridesmaids, the matron of Giulia, Valentina and the vip guests

The bridesmaids chosen by Paola Turani were Daniela Marchesi, Lisa Martignetti, Melissa Gervasoni, Diana Elettra Party, if not the world Pesenti. The witness of the bride, the influencer Giulia Valentina. To bring the rings for the beloved cubs of the couple, Nadine and Gnome (see the video below, ed.). Among the guests were many famous faces such as Michelle Hunziker and Tomaso Trussardi, Aurora Ramazzotti, Riccardo Pozzoli and his wife Gabrielle Caunesil, Martina Luchena, Andrea Pinna, Cristina Fogazzi (The beautician cynical), Clio Zammatteo (Clio Make-Up) and Camilla Bonaiardi (Camihawke).