Married at first sight 4 : Sarah-she met Scott ? His answer cash


Monday, December 13, in Married at first sight 4, Sarah learned that her marriage to Scott would not finally take place for family reasons own to the candidate. The ex-bride and groom-have they finally met ?

Sarah was, for the fourth season of Married at first sight, a great first. After the tests, the young woman had the same compatibility with two different men : Scott and Rudy. It is finally with the first she decided to get married at first sight. Unfortunately for them, the experience was cut short. In the episode aired on Monday 13 January, Sarah has learned through a letter that Sylvain put an end to their adventure : “I would have liked that it all happens otherwise. I saw a mourning family, I lost my mother. […] I am no longer able to go to the end of this experience. “Despite his decision, Sylvain did not rule out the fact of crossing one day the road from Sarah. What is it today ?

Rudy, back ?

On Instagram, the young mother revealed thatshe finally never saw the one she was to marry : “I’ve never met Scott because he wanted to get away completely from the program in the wake of this sad news and not to give in. We all respected her choice. Hence its absence on the social networks. I am, therefore, passed to something else, ” she wrote. In the Face of this abandonment impromptu, the issue was, however, proposed the alternative of marriage with Rudy : “I refused this option because I didn’t find this ethical, as I invested at the bottom in my marriage with Scott, and Rudy is not a spare wheel. […] I started this experience to meet the love of my life, it did not work, I restart my life, with my daughter. “A message welcomed by many internet users.

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Of the Atypical in the atypical.My experience was unlikely from the beginning to the end.I know that many of you have experienced my full adventure with me and are just as frustrated and sad that I was me, my relatives and members of the production who have accompanied us. I’ve never meet Sylvain as he wanted to get away completely from the program in response to this sad news, and not to give in. We all have to respect his choice. Hence its absence on the social networks. So I’m switching to something else. The production was proposed to me to finally marry me with Rudy. I refused this option because I didn’t find this ethical and Me invests a lot in my marriage with Scott and Rudy not being a spare wheel.Especially as I had had a real blow of heart for Scott. Then I met Rudy at the same time that other candidates for Lyon this season.Rudy and I are just friends, there has never been a question of a nasty loving relationship with him. And we imbed ourselves with regular interaction with Matthew, Adrien, Joachim and a few candidates so you will discover the stories in the next few episodes.Rudy is single, it deserves to meet the woman of his life. So go ahead girls! The boys are my brothers and me have been a real support to the end of the shoot in addition to supporting my character and my emotions 😝. I can’t thank them enough. Matthew tm / tc. So in effect, some of us watching the feeds together and it doesn’t spoile anything in the following episodes. The proof is with my story.A big Thank you to my friends for being there before, during and after. I will not forget it. 1000 Thanks for all your support and all the nice messages that I received. I will continue to support the team of lyonnais but I’m going to close this account in instagram because this, even ephemere is not like me and is so far away from me.I threw myself into this experience to meet the love of my life, it didn’t work, I resumed my life, with my daughter.Love💕

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