Married at first sight : Adrien and Melody announce episode epic, be ready !

This Monday 10 February 2020, Married at first sight returns for a new episode on M6. The opportunity to find Melody and Shane, the couple at the centre of all attentions this year. Each of them come to announce what to expect on the social networks.

Star Couple in this fourth season of Married at first sight, Melody, and Adrien was missing terribly to the call during the episode scheduled for last week. Monday, 10 February, in prime time on M6, the couple yo-yo will make his big return . “I would ask you to be lenient with Melody, called Adrien, there is little on the social networks. I know she can pass for someone hard. I think it is the first to suffer and there is no need to add… ” If – contractually – the young man must not reveal anything before the release of any new episode, it does not prevent to give some clues on what we can expect for the program. Yesterday evening, when his followers asked him what would be his next live on Instagram, Adrien has referred to the date of the Tuesday 11 February 2020. He then warned viewers about what they reserve the prime time of the evening, namely, ” great moments. “

“A concrete answer “

Same activity to Melody on Instagram. After having given a song that sums up its passage into Married at first sight (I’m me Shy’m), the young woman has agreed to answer to its subscribers. A ping-pong of questions and answers in which she announces the color of the upcoming episodes. “The result of our experience will bring you a precise answer, “says Melody before affirm his sincerity. If I had missed sincerity, do you really think that I would have done so with Adrien ? On the contrary, I would not have had gates and I would have jumped in the arms at first glance. Getting married is not a game. “It also responds to those who want to know where is the couple.” Whatever it is, know that perseverance is my motto in everyday life, warns Melody. And that for nothing in the world I don baisserais the arm. “ Just as the poor Adrien, who constantly prove it episode by episode… up to the crack and burst into tears in the issue released a fortnight ago.