Married at first sight : Joachim made a beautiful statement to Elodie for a special occasion

Torque flagship of the fourth season of Married at first sight, Joachim and Elodie spin always the perfect love, far from the cameras of M6. This Thursday, April 1, the young man has addressed tender words to her better half on Instagram.

The calculations were quite good for experts of Married at first sight on this year. If some couples have not kept the distance – as usual -, others have always the ring finger, and now live their beautiful love story safe from prying eyes. This is the case for Roman and Delphine. After their first meeting at the mairie de Grans, an alchemy had soon set up between the newlyweds. The doubts of the young dad and the distant attitude (but not too much) of Mrs were ultimately not taken because of their romance. More united and in love than ever, the applicants of the issuance of M6 will continue to share their happiness with the internet users on social networks. Moments accomplices sprinkled on investment products – which has a tendency to annoy a handful of viewers.

On the side of Joachim and Elodie, it is also the great love. The thunderbolt being the appointment as soon as their eyes met, their fairy tale could not continue. The balance sheet, in the face of the experts, Pascal de Sutter and Estelle Dossin, the candidate switzerland offered finally the keys of his apartment to his wife.” I want to leave you the keys at me, to show you that I have confidence, you can come whenever you want “, he said to his half. Elodie followed his heart and was finally installed with his beloved. Together, they share their good times with their fans on Instagram. And they are so expressive that some imagined them to be parents soon. But it will take a little patience.

A candidate Married at the first look moved by the story of Joachim and Elodie

Before you begin this important chapter of his married life, Joachim prefers to multiply as much as possible the proofs of love.” Nearly 10 months that I met your eyes… I would never have thought that such an experience would happen in my life, and still less that a lady like you would come in my life ! “has he written to celebrate this new month past the side of his wife. Sweet words have once again touched its subscribers, and especially Rudy – unfortunate candidate of this fourth season. “True love “, he commented. A message to which the coach replied : ” true, I don’t know, but ours yes. “ Finally, all of the elements of the fairy tale are still there !

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Nearly 10 months that I met your eyes … I would never have thought that such experience would happen in my life , and still less that a lady like you would come in my life ! Photo credit @thomaspadillaphotos @m6officiel #love #mariesaupremierregard #marriage #wedding #love #nouvellevie #you&me

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