Married at first sight : Roman and Delphine separated ? This cryptic message that is of concern to the fans

One of the couples strong pioneering program Married at first sight fight-he of the wing ? Roman and Delphine does not seem to currently be on the same wavelength. The young man shared a message rather alarming on Instagram and gives details about their relationship.

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Roman has said “yes” to Delphine in the last season of Married at first sight, the reality show of M6. The latter had, however, not hidden have also been close to Solenne before the show but had finally succumbed to the charm of the young woman planned for him. The two lovers seem to be happy. They have recently participated in the popular de Cyril Lignac during the confinement : All in the kitchen also on the sixth string. Roman and Delphine were more accomplices than ever despite the small bickering as usual all the couples. Since the end of the filming and the broadcast of the last season of Married at first sight, the two participants was also sensed the love. Delphine had put already told you on Instagram that it was “obvious” and that their romance was written. Roman no longer has the air totally agree

“Sorry for this silence, which says a lot about the situation”

The young dad has finally decided to express herself on Instagram this Saturday 23 may 2020 and to break the ice. It would seem that the situation is ultimately not good with his wife. In a message published in his story, he empties his bag and made a revelation which intrigue the fans of the couple to the issuance of the M6. “You are many to ask me questions about Delphine and me. It took time and reflection, that is why I do not respond on the network up to now, he wrote. I will give you the explanation of our silence tonight in a video that I’ll post. Sorry for this silence, which says a necessarily long on the situation but I prefer to keep the little privacy that we had left”. While Joachim and Elodie are beautiful declarations, Roman would therefore have to make an announcement that there was nothing romantic…

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