Married At First Sight: Shock Divorce for Season’s Star Couple


The Latest Episode of Married at First Sight

Monday 5th June saw the airing of the latest episode of Married at First Sight. Viewers were able to discover which couples from the season had stayed married or decided to separate. Léa and Emanuel, who were compatible at 81%, decided to give their story a chance. Indeed, after a difficult start, especially for Léa who had difficulty opening up due to her past toxic relationships, everything seemed to indicate that they would be able to form a united couple that would last over time.

Léa and Emanuel’s Decision

It was therefore a great surprise to discover on Tuesday night that, since the shoot, a breakup had actually been agreed. Indeed, on Instagram, Léa and Emanuel posted a short video explaining their decision, in which they still appear very close. Their text written in the legend leaves no doubt about this. “Our promise to watch over each other is there and will always be“, they assured. And added, without wanting to go into details: “We thank you for following us, we are lucky because today we are happy with our meeting, to have been able to watch our story and share it. We do not wish to spread out more because we want our relationship to be respected “. Léa and Emanuel are also delighted to have spent their “last happy moments as husband and wife”. “It’s just goodbye and a pleasure to meet again as friends,” they concluded.

Viewers’ Reactions

In the comments, users did not hide their disappointment. “Oooh no!“, “The most cuddly of the season …”, “What a shame, I believed it …”, “Sad, you were my favorite couple”, “I was not expecting that at all”, “Too too disappointed”, “Oh no I’m disgusted, frankly I was sure it would last”, they lamented.


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