Married First Sight Wedding Night: Troubled Sleep for a Candidate


The Beginning of the Adventure

Maurine (30 years old) and Benjamin (27 years old) were back in Married at First Sight 2023, during the June 5th episode (available on 6Play Max). The two compatible candidates at 82% were able to spend their first moments together. The opportunity to discover a new Maurine. The beginning of the adventure was somewhat chaotic for Maurine. At her meeting with Benjamin on the day of the union, in Gibraltar, the Spanish teacher was overwhelmed by an immense stress. Enough to put her in a second state. She also admitted that the charming brunette was not her physical style, which did not help. Although she said “yes”, she was very uncomfortable during the photo shoot. And at the party that followed, she kept telling everyone how stressed she was when she discovered the man she was about to marry.

The Experts’ Analysis

Her behavior did not escape the experts Estelle Dossin and Gilbert Bou Jaoudé. “Maurine is unrecognizable, as if paralyzed. (…) She is not in her normal state,” the latter had analyzed. He therefore had a little discussion with Maurine. And surprise, she finally relaxed afterwards. So it was with a smile that she ended the evening and began her wedding night.

The Wedding Night

Despite everything, the brunette had her brain running at 100 miles an hour. If Benjamin had a good night, it was not the case for Maurine. “I didn’t sleep a minute of my night. It was really complicated for me to find myself with a stranger, in a bed. I thought a lot,” she confessed. She was still delighted to go to Morocco for their honeymoon. Everything was put in place for the two candidates to get closer. And once again the young woman was able to see that her husband was respectful and patient, enough to make her trust their relationship a little more. On a trip to the hammam, she therefore accepted that he clean her skin and by the pool, they got a little closer. When evening came, she was more in seduction during dinner. And she opened up about her ex’s double life in order to explain why she was wary of love. If Maurine opened up more, she still hasn’t kissed Benjamin.


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