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Marta Riesco Clarifies Controversy Over Luis Rubiales Defense

Marta Riesco’s Opinion on the Luis Rubiales and Jennifer Hermoso Case

Marta Riesco has spoken loud and clear about her opinion on the case of Luis Rubiales and Jennifer Hermoso. Just like a lot of celebrities have expressed their opinion on the kiss in the Women’s World Cup Final, the journalist wanted to give her opinion. Before the controversial press conference that the President of the Federation (now suspended for 90 days) held last Friday, Marta explained the reason why she thought Luis Rubiales should not resign, arguing that she did not know Jennifer Hermoso’s displeasure in the case. As expected, several media outlets attacked her for defending Luis Rubiales, but, as always, she went to her social media networks to explain in detail how everything had happened.

Marta Riesco’s Clarification

As she defends, she made the statements before the press conference in which Rubiales denied his resignation and, in addition, she adds that she heard Jennifer’s brother talking in a sports talk show taking away importance to the matter, so she interpreted that there was no case of abuse. She clarifies that her discourse takes a 180 degree turn when she finds out that Jennifer Hermoso takes legal actions on the case and disapproves any macho attitude, even the press conference given by Luis Rubiales.

Marta Riesco’s Reaction

Very angry, she is sincere about the rejection she feels when she is labeled as “macho” and all those people who wait for any controversial topic to attack her, the same people who, as she defends, do not express any help in cases of social injustice, like it was the case of her dismissal from Telecinco.



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