Marta Riesco, War Against Antonio David: Stop Bullying Mafia!


Marta Riesco Fights Back Against Insults

Marta Riesco has returned to jumping onto social media. The former reporter of Ana Rosa has responded to the insulting comments of a YouTuber who insulted her physical appearance and, among other things, called her “ojopipa”, something that the ex-wife of Antonio David has faced by returning the same.

The YouTuber’s Response

The YouTuber has responded in the same tone, and has reiterated his insults towards Marta Riesco with more force. “You are going too far, eh? Lady, if you have the ojo pipa, that from one eye to the other there is an airport and you need 7 kilos of paint to cover that face of yours, it’s not my fault,” he said in one of his videos, which the former reporter of Ana Rosa has shared.

Marta’s Accusations Against the ‘Blue Wave’

Riesco has continued against the ‘blue wave’, a movement that was born to defend Antonio David after the broadcast of the docuserie of Rocío Carrasco. “I’m going to portray each one of you so that you can see how false you are. The unjust ones have been you,” she said, referring to when she had an anxiety attack after losing her job in television. “And while they were saying these things about me, the group of harassers, where was my ex? What was he doing? He was making a paella. He didn’t say: ‘Wait a moment ..’. He didn’t say anything“.


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