Martina Nasoni clarifies: “there was never anything between me and Irama, however, I’d like to see him again”

Martina Nasoni , it is told on the pages of the weekly ‘Spy’. The winner of ‘Big Brother 2019′ has been dubbed ‘The girl with the heart of tin‘. The singer Irama, in fact, has written a song inspired by their the story of Martina who has a pacemaker since he was 12 years old. But what is the relationship between Irama and Martina Nasoni?

The friendship Irama

Martina Nasoni has clarified that she and Irama are just friends. However, she claimed not to have heard him after winning the ‘Big Brother’. The last time he had a conversation with him, in fact, dates back to when the singer presented the song inspired her, at the Sanremo Festival. When he learned that Irama had embarked on a relationship with Giulia De Lellis has preferred not to contact them:

After my victory at the Big Brother I have not heard Irama. The last time that we felt it was shortly after that he wrote the song. Then he started the story with Giulia De Lellis and, out of respect, I have also contacted if there was never anything between us, we were friends. Now, however, I’d like to hear from them again, and see him again”.

The relationship with Daniel From the Moro

Currently Irama is the boyfriend of Victoria Star Doritou, a model, influencer and dancer. What is, however, the situation of sentimental Martina Nasoni? How are things going with Daniel From the Moro, the gieffino which had a strong interest during the experience in the house of ‘Big Brother’? Martina did you know that at the time the respective commitments will not allow them to dating assiduously. Await the best of times to be able to clarify: “Immediately after the exit from the house of ‘Big Brother’ we talked about that a little bit. However, at this time we have so many things to do, the commitments are many. We will certainly have occasion to clarify, yes”.