Martina Nasoni: “I am faced with a new heart operation, are in anxiety”

Back to talk about Martina Nasoni, the winner of Big Brother 2019. On the pages of the weekly, the 21-year-old confessed that he will have to undergo a heart surgery. Unfortunately, this is not news to you, who suffers from a heart disease: the history of the former gieffina had inspired the singer Irama song presented at the Sanremo Festival, and “The girl with the heart of tin”.

The intervention of Martina Nasoni

Martina Nasoni suffers from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, unfortunately, a disease of “family” that has also affected the mother. For this reason, when he was still a young girl has been implanted with a pacemaker, a device that can electrically stimulate contraction of the heart. The device, however, requires a periodic exchange of the battery, typically every 7-8 years (but the data can change depending on the conditions of the patient or the type of pacemaker): for this reason, Martina will be operated on again in a few months, in 2021.

Are anxious, I can not hide it. But when I was twelve years old, and I implanted the pacemaker, I was good… I don’t want to do a tantrum or complain about now that are great. Also for this I will ask to face the operation in total anesthesia. But there are still a few months, I don’t want to think about.

Martina Nasoni single, is finished with Matteo Guidetti

The Nasoni he also spoke of his relationship status, explaining that he was currently single. The relationship with Daniel Del Moro, another former contestant of Big Brother 16, it’s been stored for a long time; in the meantime, he has participated as a tronista of Men and Women, from which it is withdrawn. After that story, Martina is tied to Matteo Guidetti, another face in the dating show of Maria De Filippi (it’s been a suitor of Sara Shaimi). Also the story with him, however, is over. Today, over a year after the victory in the GF that has enabled it to win a cash prize of 100 thousand euros, the girl he dreams of being a singer and moving to Milan.