Martina Nasoni wins the Gf-16, the first words: “I Am extra happy, thanks to all”

Martina Nasoni is the winner of Big Brother 16. A success announced a few hours ago, at night, with the announcement of Barbara d’urso, exceptionally entry into the house to announce the name of the winner. Festivities, great joy and, soon after, the first synthetic words of comment to a victory in some ways unexpected.

The first message of Martina Nasoni from winning Big Brother comes when the 21-year-old bradford is already in bed, just before falling asleep. A simple selfie and a simple “I’m so happy, thank you all for the heart”. It is more than likely that in the next hours will arrive the comments more structured, but the first “thank you” is never forgotten.

Who is Martina Nasoni

But who is Martina Nasoni, the girl who is able to beat the photo finish Enrico Contarin, winning the sixteenth edition of Big Brother? Born in Terni, has 21 years. His dream since childhood was to be able to rise to prominence through a reality tv show: winning the Big Brother you can say that you have made in full. Graduated from Art School, was Miss Umbria and then participated in Miss Italy, not to exceed the auditions. Accepted in the studio with the applause of all present, Martina Nasoni brings home a prize so rich: 100 thousand euro for the girl from terni. A win is certainly a surprise, the same girl has thanked all those who have granted the trust: “It was a journey inside myself, I’d do it again a hundred thousand time,” she said in the confessional at the conclusion of the experience.

Irama, and the story of the girl with the heart of tin

Martina is also “the girl with the heart of tin”, since it has been a source of inspiration for the song Irama has led to Sanremo edition 2019. The singer has known the Nasoni to the case, last summer, in the Salento area, and decided to take inspiration in part to his history (domestic violence have nothing to do with the winner of Big Brother), inspired by his health conditions since he was 12, when he was forced to put a pacemaker to the heart.