Mask Singer : Joyce Jonathan unveils behind-the-scenes of the show of TF1

Joyce Jonathan is back on his experience in the Mask Singer. The singer, who was hiding under the costume of a bee, has posted some pictures taken in her dressing room, at a time when she had to stay incognito.

For that Mask Singer to work, it is crucial to maintain the secrecy around the identity of the candidates. And to achieve this, the production had to use a host of techniques behind the scenes, especially the wearing of an odd uniform for celebrities and their ” nannies “. This hoody in black, bearing the words ” Don’t talk to me “, as well as the visor reflective, Joyce Jonathan has worn throughout his adventure. The singer, who was hiding under the mask of the bee, recounted his memories of filming this Monday, January 6, on Instagram. She started by posting photos of her in a sweat : “I left me in this garb. I rode in the car of the driver of the emission in this garb. I arrived at the lodge, always in this garb, with my sweater “Don’t talk to me”. And then… the waiting began. “Because yes, it is mainly the waiting that has marked.

How candidates of Mask Singer kill the time

Only, not having been able to speak of their adventure with one of their relatives, as guardians of the secret, the stars of Mask Singer were waiting for their turn in their box… and they sometimes found the time long. Joyce Jonathan has confided how she dealt : “I was doing videos stupid videos with my mini fan in order not to die of hot under my mask, mini naps. “Then came the lunch break, that rhythm a little bit the day. “I was eating alone. It was also very good, ” said the singer, revealing her meal tray. Ordered from the fine grocery Dalloyau, it is, rather, desire : in particular, there is a Caesar salad and a small pastry (a raspberry, at first sight).

Then, the long wait in the lodge included. Because, as explained by Joyce Jonathan, it was forbidden to go out without his nanny, even for a drink or go to the toilet : “I asked for a cool drink to my nanny (a man), or he accompanies me to pee in a sweatshirt and a visor so that nobody recognizes me in the hallway. “Despite the heat under the costume, the rehearsals became immediately more enjoyable. After waiting in solitaire, the celebrities saw the world and had finally something to do !