“Massimiliano Allegri and Amber get married”, the coach would have said to his friends


If the news of the goodbye of Massimiliano Allegri to Juventus has in some way upset the structure of Italian football, leading to the arrival of Maurizio Sarri on the bench of juventus, is no less to the effect that this is a farewell to the old lady can bring in the private life of the coach. In fact, it seems that Massimiliano Allegri has decided that he will marry soon, Ambra Angiolini. This, at least, the summa of the rumors that circulate for hours, according to which the former Serbian would be communicated to the friends of have finally decided.

The feeling that Allegri could take a sabbatical year and devote himself to his private life, was what was visible from his words spoken in the course of the press conference to bid farewell to Juventus, when he left guess that could be that really what his destiny in the short term.

And now, apparently, this marriage we would have to do. In a parallel with the past, Vanity Fair has spoken of a possible wedding between the two, recalling that in 1992, when Massimiliano Allegri, then a footballer, he decided to escape from the wedding already scheduled with Erika two days before the ceremony, confiding them first with her coach-mentor Giovanni Galeone, then seek refuge in the sea, on a boat called the “White Escape”.

The vicissitudes sentimental Cheerful do not end there, because then a marriage with another woman there was, as well as the birth of her daughter. But 27 years later, it seems that the indecision of the technician who was in the Juventus are dissolved completely and there will be no need for the boat ready to sail. Yet, in recent statements (declarations) and separate both components of the pair had described the wedding as a step, almost irrelevant of their relationship: “we’re Not yet married, but we married when we met. Amber is an exceptional woman,” he said Cheerful at That time ago. Apparently the key was all in that “still”…


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