Massimo Boldi after breaking up with the girlfriend: “I Would like a woman that does not need advertising”

And’ spent more than a year from when the private life of Massimo Boldi and ended up on the front pages of the chronicles, the pink, the story told by him saying that he was betrayed by his girlfriend, 44-year-old Loredana De Nardis and by her who in spite of to the sound adjustments.

Today, the actor 74enne, who in 2004 lost his wife Marisa, is single, and despite the latest disappointment, he does not hide his desire to fall in love again to a woman that the spare parts sincerely. “They are only and I hope to meet the right woman… I Would like to that he saw only the Maximum. A good man, full of care. With a character that is challenging, I admit,” he said in a confession-appeal to the weekly Today: “to try To be at the height compensation often with the generosity, even if I do not have middle way. Certainly the beauty of a woman counts for me, because I am vain” .

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Massimo Boldi after the story with Loredana: “there Has been a report, the troubled”

In an interview to the weekly, Massimo Boldi has told you how much the solitude sentimental make sad his days, despite work commitments, a lot. “Arriving home in the evening, I close the door and I find myself alone with my thoughts,” he admitted, “The work excites me as always, but then in the silence of the walls of the house that I feel inside of me the lack of qualcosal’need to be able to share with someone all the beauty of my life and of my affections”.

And in the midst of this bleak situation, Massimo Boldi, commented on the disappointment with the most recent, the end of the relationship with the young Loredana De Nardis: “It was a relationship troubled, I thought I was doing well by choosing a woman much younger than me… it was Not so, and the epilogue has me very bitter”.

“Over that report, I have presented a series of beautiful girls who perhaps were seeking popularity more than affection: I am a man, very generous,” he finished Up, hoping that in the future can find the right person that they don’t look next for its popularity. My mother always said that to stand by my side you would never starve to death.”

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