Massimo Colantoni and Victor Hill after Temptation make a tattoo linked to the reality

The reality of the feelings, that is, Temptation Island, is an experience out of the ordinary, an experience that, as they say in these cases, leaves the sign. For some of the participants is not a phrase, so, so much to say, but it is an expression that is really reflected by the Maximum Colantoni and Vittorio the Hill they decided to make together a tattoo that would remind them of this adventure.

The tattoo to remember the reality

Now get tattooed is the order of the day, a tendency, as well as a real passion for someone, it’s no wonder, then, the idea of wanting to remember an experience so all-encompassing as Temptation Island and what better way to do it, if not an indelible mark? That is precisely what they thought the Maximum Colantoni, the ex-boyfriend of Carol Teolis , and Victor Hill, the former of photonics Katia Fanelli. Despite the sardinian village in which they spent three intense weeks of the reality show may have been the theatre of the break with their other half, the two new participants have decided to mark their body with the coordinates of the village. This is precisely the response that gives the Maximum to a fan who asks him what the meaning of the tattoo that show, just did a story on Instagram: “38 ° 56’ 39’ N
8 ° 56’ 54 And the coordinates of the resort of “Temptation Island”. His faithful friend, Victor Hill, has done the same, and in a photo on Instagram, showing part tattooed writes: “An experience that marked me and that will remain eternal, like the city that I see from this terrace 38 ° 56’ 39’ N 8 ° 56’ 54”.

The after Temptation

After the program seems to be born of a solid friendship between the participants, so it is true that there are many videos and photos on the various profiles that portray them happy and festive, while they enjoy the freedom. At a distance of one month from the end of the program, as we could see in the episode of Tuesday 30 July, all the couples are divided, except the one formed by Nicola Tedde and Sabrina Montenegreo that have strengthened their relationship. It’s not known yet if there will be any of the subsequent approaches between couples, in the meantime, the format of Channel 5, it has somehow given a second chance to each of them, to build a life for now far from love, or maybe not.

An experience that marked me, and it will remain #eternal, like the city that I see from this terrace 38 ° 56’ 39’ N 8 ° 56’ 54 And

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