Matt Damon, family red carpet: love for daughters.


A Deep Bond Between Matt Damon and His Daughters

It had already happened a few months ago at the premiere of Air, the film that tells the story of the line of shoes dedicated to the legendary Michael Jordan. It happened again now at the premiere of Oppenheimer, the film about the US physicist considered the father of the atomic bomb. The protagonists are still them, Matt Damon’s daughters, who posed on the red carpet in front of the photographers together with the famous father. Between smiles and tenderness. In the center the American actor, born in 1970, with a blue blazer and a light t-shirt, hugging Gia (14, on his left with a white dress) and Stella (12, on the right with a short dark dress), the two youngest daughters he had with Luciana Barroso. Only the eldest daughter, Isabella (17), was missing, while Alexia (24, next to Gia) was there, born from a previous relationship of his wife.

A Reciprocal Exchange Relationship

As he has declared in many interviews, Matt is very close to his daughters, with whom he has created a reciprocal exchange relationship. For example, one day he was scolded at the table for using a homophobic word: “She then started to write a beautiful treatise on how dangerous that word is. I read it, I perfectly understood the point and I withdrew everything“. The testimony of a deep bond, in which he too – as a father – puts himself at stake and is always ready to say I was wrong. Union and complicity, at home as on the red carpet.


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