Matteo Renzi: Son’s graduation – “Pursue diverse passions in life”


Celebrating Francesco’s Graduation

Today is a celebration at Matteo Renzi’s house. Francesco, son of Italy Viva senator, has graduated, as his father explains, commenting on the family photo – in which he appears smiling and proud, with his wife Agnese Landini and their three children – which he posted on his social media. Francesco, besides being a new doctor, is also a passionate soccer player, having reached Serie C with Prato. This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Matteo Renzi’s Advice

“It’s like a backheel goal dedicated to all those who told you: ‘No, you can’t reconcile too many different things’,” Matteo Renzi wrote. “And today you show everyone, especially yourself, that in life you always have to try to cultivate the most diverse and greatest passions. Enjoy this day thinking of all the times you didn’t make it, when a coach kept you on the bench, when an exam didn’t go as you wanted, when someone disappointed you”. Then the senator refers to an experience abroad that his son is about to face. “And now that you are leaving for an adventure across the ocean, know that wherever you go you will carry an indissoluble embrace with you. The embrace of your parents, your brothers, of the whole family will always be with you. As if it were an eternal, beautiful, first day of school. Have a good journey, dear Dr. Renzi, we are proud of you!”

Criticism of Matteo Renzi

In addition to congratulations, Matteo Renzi has also received some criticism: “He advises his children to stay in the dear native country, he escapes, rightly, with his legs in the air! That said, will all the children of politicians and public figures be worthy of a master’s degree abroad … I imagine. To conclude, don’t you think his posts are a bit populist? “And again: “Your son can experience beyond the ocean, with our money dear Senator”. In fact, on the brains on the run, Renzi had said: “What kind of story is it that you go abroad if you are good and stay in Italy if you are stupid? In the changing world it is normal for researchers to do a period abroad. My job is not to block those who go abroad, my job is to create a lively environment in which if you come back you find yourself well”.


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