Maurice Barthélémy separated from Judith Godrèche, Tess’ dad distant from her? Thinking of them daily.


Maurice Barthélémy’s Intimate Photo-Novel

Maurice Barthélémy is back in bookstores at last, with a quite remarkable project. On May 25th 2023, he will be releasing an intimate photo-novel entitled “Sexology”. In these few pages published by Editions Michel Lafon, the former member of the troupe of “Robin des Bois” talks about private matters, including his erectile dysfunction. He also shares some intimate moments, like the presence of his daughter Tess, the fruit of his love with his former partner Judith Godrèche, who makes a cameo.

Father and Daughter Reunited

Invited to France Inter by Nagui, in the show “La Bande Originale” on June 15th 2023, Maurice Barthélémy was delighted to explain that he now spends more time with Tess. Father and daughter were once separated by the vastness of the ocean. And this proximity, as joyful as it may be, brings some anxiety to the actor. “She lived for a long time in the United States and recently returned to France,” he explained. “So I really see her much more than before. And it’s true that this fear is constant. I think about it every day. I tell myself that I have an 18-year-old daughter who takes the subway, and I’m always a little afraid. I’m not protecting her but I have a constant fear that she’ll be bothered everywhere.”

Fatherly Fear

Maurice Barthélémy was in a relationship with Judith Godrèche from 2004 to 2012. In a previous book, “Strong Like a Hypersensitive”, the author and humorist recounted that their separation had completely “drained” him. Far from wanting to keep his writings secret, he had even given a copy of the book to their daughter Tess. But she hadn’t read it… nor the new one, “Sexology”. “I haven’t given it to her yet,” admitted her father. “But for example, the previous book on hypersensitivity, I gave it to her and she said ‘It’s great, I’ll read it.’ And for 2 years, she still hasn’t read it. She tells me, ‘But Dad, when Victor Hugo wrote Les Misérables, maybe his children didn’t read it.


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