Maximo Valverde: “Romantic Affair with Rocío Jurado”


The Dream of Being a Bullfighter

At 78 years old, Máximo Valverde still retains part of that aura of seduction that led him to conquer some of the most beautiful women in our country. Fate led him to triumph in the cinema where his physique earned him roles of gallant. He starred in films such as ‘La novicia rebelde’ (1971), ‘Españolas en París’ (1971) and ‘Torremolinos 73’ (2003). Máximo Carlos González-Valverde Hortal was born in Seville on November 16, 1944, into a wealthy and large family, since he had eight brothers. Although he started studying Law to please his father, he ended up leaving it because he wanted to fulfill his dream of being a bullfighter.

The Great Love of His Life

In the time that she went out with Isabel Pantoja. P.: You were already famous as a seducer. How was your idyll with Rocío Jurado? M.V.: We had a very nice romance when we were working together on the show ‘Cancionera’, but I was a very unstable man in love, I traveled a lot and the thing cooled off. In the end, she left with Enrique García Vernetta and I with the one who was ‘Miss Spain’, Rocío Martín. She wanted to marry me, but I was not up to it. The truth is that my girlfriends did not last long, because I was quite a fickle. P.: You fell in love madly with another miss, Amparo Muñoz. M.V.: It was the great love of my life, but the relationship ended because I was very immature and not prepared to assume the responsibility of a relationship.

Privacy and Future Plans

Even Julio Iglesias himself told him that he was the only one who had hooked up with more girls than him, but the actor does not boast of loves. “I have been offered a lot of money to write my memoirs, for now I don’t think I’m going to do it, we’ll see if I decide in the future. It’s just that if I tell the whole truth, I could hurt a lot of people and I don’t want to. Look, I’m a happy man who is still working. Now I’m with the theatrical work ‘Con ganas de reír’, a comedy that I starred in with Eva Santamaría, who is not, as has been said, my girlfriend, but a great friend and a wonderful companion,” he assures us. Máximo Valverde, who was with some of the most important women in our country, was a bullfighter. SOON: Are there two “Máximos”? MAXIMO VALVERDE: It could be said that yes, the simple man of his personal life and the one that those who see him from the outside consider frivolous. I assure you that I have always kept my privacy, there are many things that I never tell anyone.


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