“Me, candido with Renzi”, the joke of Nunzia De Girolamo on the Ball: here’s how to see it

(Top, the video of the joke of Nunzia De Girolamo to her husband Francesco Boccia)

In the viewfinder of the Hyenas ends and also Francesco Boccia,the minister of local government. Accomplice of the joke organised by the transmission of Italy1 is Nunzia De Girolamo, the wife of the politician, former policy itself and the face of television known to the public. The starting situation is this: the Ball risks a “war” policy with his wife, Nunzia, a former Forza Italia and the ex-minister, who makes him believe I accepted an offer to apply with Matteo Renzi.

The joke of Nunzia De Girolamo to her husband

Matteo Renzi has made me a nomination, in agreement with Matteo Salvini and centre-right – said De Girolamo – is an operation that we do ‘tender offer’ on you. Matthew is a bit the replacement of Berlusconi…”. “And’ the clone, in all senses, off the Ball. And she said, “And since he is trying to broaden the area to moderate…”. “That cock enlarge? Shrinks more and more each day”, he intervenes he replied, with his wife, who instead says: “No, I think there will be a lot of space”.

“But please what the fuck..or do I have to feel I? Then who? Renzi”grumbles he, with De Girolamo’s reply: “No, Renzi, I, as the candidate of Renzi”. And he said, “it does Not exist. In this case, you presteresti a crazy stuff, which is senseless… but now Renzi does not make a stuff up with the policy for years.” “And Renzi supports a candidate of the centre-right?”, he still asks the Bowl, incredulous. And she: “of course.” “And then down the government next week?”, question him. And she: “of course!”. “A verdinata, this,” he concludes, stunned.