Meaning of Latin Tarot Cards

Latin tarot cards, also known as Tarot de Marseille, consist of tarot cards that are based on simple images as compared to Rider-Waite, which are much more detailed. The Latin tarot deck, as well as the Rider-Waite deck, have similar meanings. However, there are some distinct features that each deck possesses. For example, the names that are shown on both decks are not similar to each other. In addition to this, the Marseille deck consists of names and imagery depicted on the trump cards, which come from a religious background. To further elaborate on the Marseille deck/Trump cards, a detailed overview has been given below.

The Major Arcana

The Marseille deck, similar to the Rider-Waite deck, comes with 22 Trump cards, with each card illustrating a unique meaning. For instance, the Le Mat or the fool (card no. 0) is a card that shows signs of modesty, confusion, sincerity, courage, and even foolishness. On the other hand, Le Pape (card no. 5), also known as the pope, displays signs of faithfulness, mercy, marriage, and blindness.

The Minor Arcana

Unlike the Marseille deck (Major Arcana), which consists of 22 cards, the minor arcana has 56 cards. This arcana is divided into four distinct suits, namely, Coins, Cups, Batons, and Swords. Although these cards do not possess any unique symbols, they do, however, signify the suit to which they belong.


This suite consists of 14 different coins that have different meanings. The first coin is called the Ace of coins, after which comes the two of coins, the three of coins, and all the way till the ten of coins. The last four coins are known as the Page of coins, the Knight of coins, the Queen of coins, and lastly, the king of coins. A person who possesses the coins/pentacles is said to be hard-working and practical. This person will also have a stable lifestyle that will be suited to his/her needs.


Like the coins, batons, and swords, the cups also have different meanings but still have identical categories, which consist of Ace of cups, two of cups, and so on. The Ace of Cups. For example, it expresses qualities of inspiration, enthusiasm, and idealism. This cup also shows that one is hospitable and seeks permission to show respect.


Innovation, responsibility, negotiation, and traveling are just some of the qualities of the Batons. Moreover, the people who acquire the baton, better known as the wand, are said to be highly creative. These people also have the ambition to thrive and prosper, which helps them set goals and objectives.


The one who possesses a card from this suit will generally be categorized as intelligent as well as problem-solving. People who possess the sword can still ruin a relationship as they have a sharp tongue. For example, the three of the swords suggest that people can be bitter in terms of what they say to others.

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