Meghan, Autumn, Grace: all the loves international real

While the rumors focus on the so-called “Megxit”, the waiver of Harry and Meghan to the status of the senior members of the british royal family, at Buckingham Palace, another danger has been averted (at least so it seems): a farewell to London, and Autumn Kelly, the future ex-wife of Peter Phillips, son of princess Anna. After the announcement of the divorce, they had, in fact, triggered the rumors of a possible return to her in Canada, her Country of origin, but everything has been denied quickly by the mother and older brother Kevin, who the Daily Mail have confirmed the desire of Autumn will remain to live in Britain, not far from Peter and two daughters, Savannah and Isla.

Danger, it seems, also thanks to the sister-in-law Zara Phillips, who would play a central role in making us feel the Autumn part of the family, despite the end of the story with the brother. Things that can happen, when the loves royal are international, as more often happened in recent years. Chance encounters and often lucky, sometimes less. Autumn and Peter, for example, had met in Montreal during the Formula 1 grand Prix of 2003, she worked as a pr and him to the Williams F1, but many other the plots of romantic that not consocono boundaries.

In australia, for example, Mary of Denmark, that now no longer calls Mary Donaldson. The heir to the throne Frederik met during the 2000 Olympics. “A part of me will always be australian, this is what they are,” he had told her a few years ago in an interview, but life now is that of a future queen, beloved as it is by the princess. More recently, the love between Albert of Monaco and south african Charlene Wittstock.

“Unhappy”, the often define, but she herself has said that we can not always smile. Impossible to blame her. Also the father of Albert, Ranieri, had married a foreigner, the american , Grace Kelly, that presentations does not need. A fairy tale is still unmatched in the love stories of the royal families and sealed with a tragic ending that has contributed not a little to make it more romantic contours.

Before her, was another american, Wallis Simpson, to win the heart of a king. Edward VIII, to marry her, abdicated in favour of his younger brother George, father of queen Elizabeth. Wallis was a veteran of two divorces and at the time it was inconceivable that the wife of a monarch. They remained together until his death in 1972.

The divorce of Meghan truman gates is not, however, prevented the marriage with prince Harry, in 2018. Other times (and other circumstances) have certainly played in favour of the couple, that in not even two years has brought a turmoil in the royal family not seen since the times of the love triangle Charles-Diana-Camilla. From the first of April will come out of the scene to become independent and, in fact, not the most controllable. She entered the world of him, but he resisted a little, unlike all those that preceded it. Now it’s up to see how you will find him in the world of her. After 35 years, Height real Mr Harry Mountbatten-Windsor change our life and status. A nice try.