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Meghan Harry Beckham Feud: Inside Story

Relationship between the Sussexes and the Beckhams

A few days ago, The Sun revealed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had broken off relations (also) with David and Victoria Beckham, guilty in their opinion of having leaked personal news about them to the press. Now the British tabloid is back in force with an article by Tom Bower, royal biographer and author of an upcoming book about the Beckhams. According to Bower, tensions between the two couples were already present in May 2018, when the Sussexes’ royal wedding took place at Windsor Castle: David and Victoria were present at the religious ceremony in front of the cameras, but were not invited to the evening banquet. “That was almost an unforgivable insult,” comments Bower, considering that many people much less friendly to the Beckhams attended the dinner. And to think that until recently the Beckhams and the Sussexes were very close. So much so that it was Victoria who helped Meghan to settle in after her arrival in England. Victoria, a cosmetics entrepreneur among other things, also gave Meghan several tips on makeup and how to appear in public.

Suspicions of the Sussexes

Private gossip that one day appeared on The Sun. From there Meghan began to suspect the Beckhams as moles. From there, the first great “affront” of the Sussexes to the couple of friends: no invitation to the post-royal wedding banquet. The next crack came in October 2018, when David, at Harry’s invitation, flew twenty-two hours from London to Sydney to attend the Invictus Games, the event created by the prince in honor of war-wounded veterans. When he arrived in Australia, Beckham did not find Harry waiting for him at the airport. And according to Bower, he was very upset. But why did the prince snub the former footballer? According to the royal expert, the “fault” was of the Markle. The Duchess, on her first royal trip after her marriage to Harry, “did not want to be overshadowed by David Beckham or to find herself in competition with his wife, Victoria”. Meghan “wanted her trip to be a success”. From there the new insult to David.

Final Breakoff

The situation, however, deteriorated only when Harry and Meghan, from overseas, began to shoot down the royal family. David and Victoria, always very close to William and Kate Middleton, moved further and further away from the Sussexes. According to Bower, the drop that made the vase overflow was the presence of the Beckhams in December 2022 at Prince William’s environmental award Earthshot Prize in New York. With Harry and Meghan – also in town but for another gala evening – who “were overshadowed”. Since then, the two couples have broken off contact. So much so that the Sussexes were not spotted last April at the wedding of Brooklyn Beckham with Nicola Peltz (and to think that the British press expected them to be the honored guests).



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