Meghan Markle and Harry : check out the job postings very funny that they have received

Meghan Markle and Harry were recently announced to want to take their distances with the royal family and become financially independent. It was not long more for them to be offered the job.

Alright, that’s it. It is a little by these words that we could describe the relationship of Meghan Markle and Harry with the rest of the royal family. Last week, the duke and duchess of Sussex announced to want to share his time between Canada and the United Kingdom by renouncing its status as a premium member of the royal family. The ad shock has disappointed the British, who consider Meghan Markle fully responsible for this reversal of the situation. Supported in his efforts by the queen Elizabeth II, the couple is faced with the concern of size : the opinion of the public. If he wishes to waive the money he receives from the queen, prince Harry wants to still win, that given by his father, prince Charles, until you find better. Bah let’s see.

A job at Burger King ?

Listening to the expectations of the crowned heads, some businesses have taken this request at the foot of the letter. On Instagram, Burger King Argentina, therefore, has to know Meghan Markle and prince Harry that there would “always be a place for [them]” : “Dear Duke and Duchess : if you’re looking for a job we have a new crown for you.” Another proposal, and not least, the one in the editorial of the Daily Show, satirical american apparently lack of staff. According to Trevor Noah, the presenter, people “speaking impeccable English, knowing how to greet, […] with more than two years of experience as a member of a royal family” would be welcome. “Having a mansion or a castle available to organize parties, professional” is also a plus. Have to wait for the response of Meghan Markle and prince Harry…

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