Meghan Markle and Harry : their latest decision shock that moves permanently from Buckingham Palace

We thought that they had said their last word, Meghan Markle and prince Harry have and hold the knife in the wound with a ultimate decision shock.

Meghan Markle and prince Harry would have preferred to escape from Buckingham Palace by the back door, on tiptoe. Unfortunately for the parents of Archie, the guardian of the sacred temple has not left it go so easily. Upon learning of the desire of emancipation of his grandson, Elizabeth II has done everything to dissuade him… In vain. Finally, and after tough negotiations, the spouses Sussex rid of their panoply of the perfect small duke and duchess, to navigate to other waters, far less turbulent than that of the royal family. Now, it is in Canada that Meghan and Harry aspire to other things. Except that this departure involves, on the side of England, a lot of changes. According to the information of the Daily Mail,Meghan and Harry have just recently decided to close their office in Buckingham Palace ! “This is the sign most sure to this day that the couple and their son Archie will probably not yield ever to the Uk to live there, “said the tabloid british.

Meghan and Harry are leaving the ship

Except that again, Harry, and Meghan may not have thought about the consequences, since in taking this decision in January, they also had to dispose of 15 employees. For the Daily Mail, this is the ” the latest victims of the decision explosive Harry and Meghan moving in North America “. If ” one or two ” employees might be reinstated in the royal house, most trades are already plans for redundancies. “Given their decision to take a step back, an office in Buckingham Palace is no longer necessary. While the details are still being finalized and efforts are being made to redeploy people within the royal house, there will unfortunately be layoffs, ” said a source close to the Daily Mail.

For its part, Buckingham Palace has preferred not to comment on this burning and embarrassing issue of the dismissed workers…