Meghan Markle Influencer: World’s Highest Paid Social Star Returns


Meghan Markle’s Social Media Debut

As Prince Harry was battling against the tabloids that he claims ruined his life in court, his wife Meghan Markle is looking towards the future. And in that future, thanks to social media, she would be expecting fees as a true star. The @sussexroyal account she used with her husband has been inactive since 2020. But according to Time magazine, Meghan already has a new Instagram profile ready for a new social debut. And according to experts, her ratings as an influencer would be stellar: Markle could earn up to 300,000 euros per post. “She will be the highest paid influencer in the world,” Alison Bringé of Launchmetrics told Time magazine.

The Return of The Tig

Even before she unveils her new social profile, Markle would like to reactivate the blog The Tig she created in 2014. The lifestyle website was closed in 2017, after the announcement of her engagement to Prince Harry, with an heartfelt message to all readers. No more fashion advice, no more news from cool events and movie backstages, no more recipes and travel diaries from a pre-royal family Meghan. Nothing… until today. Because the return of the community would be imminent. And this, according to experts, would be bad news for Gwyneth Paltrow: the duchess’s blog would be a dangerous competitor to Goop, the portal launched by the actress in 2008. “In every war there can be only one winner,” Laura Craik wrote in the Telegraph a few weeks ago in an article dedicated to the potential challenge between the duchess and the diva.

Meghan Vs Gwyneth

“Markle has been out of the influencer game for a while. Her attention was elsewhere due to her marriage to a prince, the birth of two children and the chaos within the British monarchy”. But now that she is about to relaunch The Tig “many are wondering if she has come to snatch Gwyneth’s crown. Who knows, maybe Meghan will soon launch her jade eggs, adorned with a royal mandate”. It is unlikely that the duchess, like the actress, will decide to sell online eggs that can increase the tonicity of the pelvic floor. Never say never, however. Because, as Craik writes, “when it comes to achieving her goals, Meghan is always in shape“. Royal observers, however, point out that Markle’s new projects could further distance her from her husband Harry. For some time it has been rumoured that the Sussexes are on the verge of divorce. For various reasons, including completely different interests. Meghan would aim for a worldly life, Harry would want to stay away from the spotlight. So the prince, faced with the prospect of an influencer wife (albeit super paid), is certainly not jumping for joy.


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