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Meghan Markle, Popularity Drop: Separating Careers is the Solution.

The Sussexes’ Falling Popularity

In the United States today, more people dislike than like Meghan Markle, according to a new poll conducted by Newsweek among 1,500 American adults at the beginning of September. This means that supporters of the Duchess are now in the minority compared to those who oppose her. The approval rating is -2, which is a drop of 8 points compared to the same data from June, which was +6.

Different Professional Paths

It is believed that the Sussexes’ collapse in popularity is due to the continuous discussions related to the royal family and some revelations that have not gone unnoticed. For this reason, it seems that both Meghan and Harry have decided to turn the page, leaving the past behind and moving forward with their projects. Professional paths that, even within the same family, seem to take different directions. On the one hand she, who has recently signed a contract with a super star agency and it is rumored that she wants to re-activate her account, on the other hand him, increasingly an international philanthropist in the wake of mother Diana. It would not be a coincidence, then, that Harry arrived alone in Europe, in Dusseldorf, for his beloved Invictus Games, while Meghan stayed in California to work on something else and then join him later.

The Need for a Turnaround

Some speak of “brand separation”, others of “commercial divorce”. One thing is certain: the Sussexes need a turnaround to raise their approval rating.



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