Meghan Markle : this gesture that the staff of the Palace has never forgiven

A few months after his departure from the royal family, former employees of Meghan Markle have agreed to tell a bit more about the behavior of the duchess. In the book Royals at war, they thus describe a wayward woman, who never would have done that to his head.

Meghan Markle



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The arrival of Meghan Markle in the british royal family has not gone unnoticed. Hollywood actress divorced, the young wife of 38 years does not really correspond to the standards of the Court. But this is mostly his breaches of the protocol that have reacted to the British. Many of them have lived through these simple blunders, such as a refusal to adapt to the culture of her husband, prince Harry. It must be said that, as a former star – she was seen as Rachel Zane in the series Suits, she also has a life quite different from that of the clan Windsor. A shift which has resulted in tension with the staff of the Palais, which has never really digested the eccentricities. In the book Royals at war, including the Daily Mail reveals the “good sheets”, several members of the Court accused him of having been too capricious. “Meghan can be really difficult. It has a very high standard and is accustomed to working in Hollywood. However, there are degrees of respect very different in a royal family,” reports a source.

This gesture, which sealed the fate of Meghan Markle

Not only does her head, Meghan Markle would have ignored the advice of its employees, particularly in terms of associations to sponsor. Not supporting that more this way to rush headlong, an officer in charge of the protection of the duchess would eventually resign. This woman would not have appreciated that the mum of Archie “had ignored his advice and had ventured into a situation of mob-at-risk.” But what has really dealt a fatal blow to the relationship between the duchess and the employees of the Palace, it is a very bad strategic choice on the part of the latter. A few months before his departure from the royal family, she had decided not to appeal to the employees of the Crown, and replace them with the prestigious public relations agency Sunshine Sachs. An initiative perceived as an affront on the part of the staff royal, who has never forgiven him. Once Meghan has broken these links, there was no return possible,” report the authors of Royals at war. The daughter of Doria Ragland would have itself led to its loss ?