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Meghan Markle’s Career After Separation from Harry

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Stirring Up Discussion

Some have already labeled them as “flops”, highlighting how they fail to create appeal with themes distant from the royal family. Others preach calm, remembering the success of their recent docuseries and shifting the spotlight to the projects they are working on. One thing is certain: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle continue to stir up discussion despite not appearing in videos for some time now.

Sussex Entertainment Brand Could Soon be Abandoned

Do they have a change of course in mind – professionally speaking – after the end of their relationship with Spotify? According to royal commentator Kinsey Schofield, who appeared on the Australian breakfast show Sunrise, the couple could soon abandon the much-publicized Sussex Entertainment brand. “It was really important when they moved away from the Crown, but I think it’s over now.” To stay up to date on royals, celebrities, shows and all the news from the world, subscribe to our newsletters. “Right now there’s a feeling that the Sussex brand is tarnished,” the expert added, opening up the possibility that Meghan will continue her career in show business separated from her husband and bringing up the famous manager William Morris, with whom it is rumored that the former actress recently signed a contract. “It will be the agency that tells her that she can take off and do her own thing.”

Rumors of Meghan Markle Joining The Bodyguard Sequel

But what kind of thing? Someone in the UK, a few days ago, reported the rumor that Kevin Costner had thought of Meghan for the possible sequel to The Bodyguard. “It’s a ridiculous lie,” the same Schofield commented, “that role was written for Lady Diana.” Certainly, in the meantime, after the nomination for the Hollywood Critics Award, the Harry & Meghan docuseries was cut out of the Emmy nominations.



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