Meghan Markle’s Last Single Trip Before Meeting Harry


Meghan Markle’s Last Summer as a Single

Before she met her husband, the former actress was a “single girl summer,” as her friend Lucy Fraser described in the Netflix documentary series Harry & Meghan. Meghan’s last summer as a single was spent traveling around Europe with a group of friends, including Fraser. The images of that free trip disappeared along with Meghan’s Instagram account when her story with Prince Harry became public, as did her previous travel stories, shared on the lifestyle blog The Tig, which (according to some rumors) the Duchess is now planning to reopen after she has archived her royal life.

The Start of a Relationship

It was on Instagram that Harry first saw Meghan, thanks to a mutual friend. From there, the first messages and the desire to meet her in person, which would be realized shortly afterwards, at Soho House’s Dean Street Townhouse, a restaurant in London where they would have dinner for two consecutive nights, thus giving their relationship a start. A relationship that was consolidated during a trip, their first together, to Botswana, a country very dear to the prince, as is all of Africa.

The Couple’s Travels

“We camped together under the stars, it was absolutely fantastic. We were really alone, which was essential to make sure we really had the chance to get to know each other,” his words. Meghan Markle during her first trip with Harry, in Botswana. A trip that the couple talked about on the occasion of their engagement, which arrived in November 2017, and of which there is a photo made public that portrays Meghan: behind the lens, Harry. In Africa they would then return together in 2019, with their firstborn Archie, who at the time was a few months old. Harry will soon return to the country where he feels the presence of his mother more than anywhere else to shoot a documentary, but his wife will not follow him. No sign of crisis, as some have speculated, just a choice. The couple, moreover, at the beginning of September will be together in Germany for the new edition of an event, united as always.


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