Melissa Satta in the crosshairs of the haters. She responds to tone: “I ran away” Support Today

Melissa Satta in these days is in Istanbul with her husband, Kevin Boateng, this season to play in Beşiktaş, he has achieved together with her son Maddox. A decision that has made it end up in the center of the storm of haters accusing her of being ran away from Italy at a particularly difficult time for his fellow countrymen due to the emergency Coronavirus.

Melissa Satta and the cover of Vanity Fair

For the same reason, the followers have chided also of having made the cover of Vanity Fair in which he demonstrates his proximity to Milan and other Italian cities most affected by the Covid 19. After the many criticisms the beautiful model sarda has, however, decided to respond to the many criticisms by explaining the why of the departure. The long outburst occurred in a sequence of stories Instagram in which the Satta is visibly angry.

The vent in the stories of Instagram

“The thing that leaves me a surprise – he said Melissa – is that despite this difficult time, sad, where we’re all down, angry and with a little bit of fear, there must always be those who criticize. And I have to say, although usually I always close one eye and I’m never in respect of these people, that tonight I am really annoyed. Annoyed because all of us, more or less, with small gestures, with donations and messages on the social networks, we seek to give our aid. Yet there are always those poor souls who have to go under the photos to criticize, point the finger…”.

“No I ran away from Italy”

“Dear sirs I – accurate – are not running away from Italy. I made a suitcase that was to be a week, I took my son and we have come to find my husband and the father of my child to Istanbul, where he works. “I would have had to come back in Italy after 7 days, unfortunately the situation worsened, and the flights were suspended. The schools were closed. he adds, ” We had to make a choice, and then we said: ‘we Keep the family united and we are together’. But it is truly sad that in such a difficult moment, in which we should all be united, you should read the comments so stupid”.

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Milan is the city that adopted me 18 years…the city in which I did the next step, that made me grow and become a woman. Milan is the city that has given me the chance to do what I do today, the work that I love. Milan is the city that has given me wonderful friends ( and of course other cities), but in Milan I have friends I can count on every day. Milan is the city where I met my husband,with whom I have built a family of amazing. Milan is the city that every day makes me love him more and more life in my beloved Milan❤️ @vanityfairitalia @marchettisimone #iosonomilano 💪🏻

A shared post from Melissa Satta (@melissasatta) date: 12 Mar 2020 at 12:13 pm PDT

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