Men cheat and women #nomakeup, social they reinterpret the aesthetic codes

Let’s talk about the vice versa, and the sharing,
of that which is mine is yours, from the foundation to the palette of the eyes. We talk about the beauty case and she can be to him, or vice versa, in fact. Because we know, that the question arises: “Why a man should make up?”. “And why not?”, we can respond to. If it is strange that a guy go around with the contouring of the Kardashian, we think that it seemed strange to see girls in a bikini few decades ago.

First of all, let us give thanks to the social and celeb if from this prison of social and assigns colors, shades, and cosmetics from birth, we are slowly coming out. Today, fortunately, the feeds of Instagram are overrun by guys who use make-up and girls who show up natural, by proposing a concept #nomakeup that some celeb show, not only online, but also on the red carpet. If a man has the right to put on mascara and lipstick, a woman can go out without makeup, and this is not to be considered sloppy and messy. The message is loud and clear.

Something in the feminine world has changed, when Alicia Keys began to be a promoter of the #nomakeup thought. Thanks to a photo shoot for the new album in which he has chosen not to make up, by the end of 2016, the singer has said definitely goodbye to the make-up. And not just for the selfie natural beauty that loves to stars like Drew Barrymore, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz. “I don’t want to cover me. Not the face, my thoughts, not my soul, not my dreams, not my efforts, not my emotional growth. No coverage,” he said. Beauty-thought that is brought forward in 2018 by Christina Aguilera that appeared on the cover of Paper with the face clean and freckles in a fine show. All the rest, then, is social: Kesha and lots of other celebs of every age, from Gen Z (as Millie Bobby Brown) to more real (see Madonna or Michelle Pfeiffer), use the app to show up natural and also to give a message skin positivity, thus creating a drive for the girls to have greater care of the skin.

Also Ezra Miller is helping not a little to change the Dna of the beauty. For the twenty-seven american actor erase stereotypes is a trademark. Wearing lipstick by the strong colors, playing with makeup and hairstyles, amazes, fascinates. You do not define a man or a woman, is the absolute symbol of beauty and gender fluid. And then there is Billy Porter, 50 years, who shows up on the red carpet with eye shadows and kaleidoscopic en pandant with the outfit: the actor is on the cover of the February of the authoritative magazine of beauty Allure, who never before had dedicated the front cover to a man. And while on Instagram the plethora of make-up artist who show with the faces with make-up to make you pale Huda Kattan (the type James Charles and Manny Gutierrez, millions of followers, and the testimonial also of many beauty brands such as CoverGirl or Maybelline), rthehear him that last year, even the most metrosexual of the metrosexual, or David Beckham, appeared on the cover of Love with a wonderful eyeliner green metal, while the last Golden Globes Ansel Elgort showed off, together with the tuxedo a beautiful gray eye shadow and glitter nail enamel in white chalk. The borders of the makeup you are opening up to 360 degrees? I strongly hope, even if the road to the “de-feminization” of the make-up is still long. Any step, however (and luckily) it was done.

In the gallery the celeb #nomakeup and the stars from the make-up impeccable that are rewriting the rules of beauty.