Mennoia and Jack Vanore, Teresa Cilia: “Already during the throne, hidden between an external and the other”

The battle between Teresa Cilia and Raffaella Mennoia, author of Men and Women, is rapidly coming to life. Through the latest stories published on Instagram, the former tronista has hinted that the woman, a co-worker of Maria De Filippi, he had developed a liking towards Jack Vanore already during his throne. Jack, it is known, has long been linked to Raffaella. They told of being in love to the throne, ended, after Vanore had left the broadcast without making any choice. According to Teresa, the time between the two of us would have been of the tender:

A premise: the story is very long and slowly I will try to make you understand. Certain things I can’t tell her now, because are involved so many people. You need to do first and last names, and it is only right that I ask permission. If I will be allowed to make these names, I will tell you the other pieces that are essential for you to understand the situation. You want sincerity from those who sit on the throne, and I find that it is right, but how can you expect a person who sits on the throne to be sincere if you’re not (speaking of the author Raffaella Mennoia, ndr) give the example? Like when she became engaged to (with the former tronista Jack Vanore, ndr), and from an external, and the other was in the way she hidden. These things hidden in such a way that no one knows.

The new accusations of Thérèse Cilia

The Cilia continues, and accuses the author of the format of Canale5 to hide voluntarily certain information about tronisti, and suitors, and then pull them out at the appropriate time: “what do You do? Know that a person is engaged, married, or has children, pretending not to hear, and then telling him at the right time to ensure that the web will unleash his anger against her. Already this makes to understand the person that you are. It would be enough to avoid, not use people and then sm***rle. If the first not to be sincere is she, how does she expect others to be?”.

The contrasts behind the scenes of the program

Finally, Teresa tells what would happen behind the scenes of transmission: “she can’t even see in there, they all speak ill of her. They told me that was envious of the fact that I would work there, she was afraid that someone fregasse the place?”. Men and Women have already come a warning: the transmission threatens to go to court if the controversy will not cease. To support Teresa was Mario Serpa, already a protagonist of another clash with the Mennoia. Via Instagram made it known to share everything that Teresa has said.