Mental Health: Alejandro Sanz, Gloria Camila, Laura Escanes…Famous Fighting for Wellness.


The importance of talking about mental health

Lately, the issue of mental health problems is topical. Many singers, actors, influencers and other celebrities, such as Alejandro Sanz, Gloria Camila, Laura Escanes and Dani Martín, have put on the table, without hiding, their emotional disorders, talking about the need and importance of going to therapy when anxiety, depression, anguish and, ultimately, suffering take their toll on their health. Everyone agrees on the need to talk about it, to normalize and de-stigmatize those people who have mental health problems. Going to the psychologist and psychiatrist should be like going to the gym. Something habitual and routine of which one should not be ashamed.

Alejandro Sanz’s message

The former leader of El Canto del Loco has been going to therapy for years and confesses that “going to the psychologist or psychiatrist is very useful”. Alejandro Sanz, who is on tour, posted a few days ago on his Twitter a phrase that set off all the alarms. “I’m not well. I don’t know if this is of any use, but I want to say it. I’m sad and tired,” wrote the artist, who is 54 years old. “I will arrive at the stages and something inside me will tell me what to do. But sometimes I don’t want to be. Literally,” the message ended. The reactions did not take long and the Madrid native received a lot of signs of affection and support through social networks. And the result was a new message from Alejandro saying: “These days I have received a lot of love through different channels and I thank them. I had a strong outbreak this weekend and, although the light still hasn’t come, it seems that a firefly has awoken in my chest”.

Laura Escanes and Gloria Camila

In addition, Laura Escanes also shared on her social networks that she had suffered an anxiety attack that had prevented her from going to one of her professional commitments, something she had never done before. But, as she remembered in the message, “anxiety and panic cannot be chosen. This week I have blown it. I’ve been anxious for 48 hours and my body needs to stop. By recommendation and by my own decision, I have prioritized my mental health”. Gloria Camila is also going through a difficult time because of the “haters” who harass and insult her daily on Instagram. “They had to increase my medication because I had nightmares, because I felt disgusted and hated by society. I have an anxious depressive disorder and it is pulling me down,” she acknowledged. That is why, now that she has been diagnosed with anxiety and depression, she is going to a psychologist and psychiatrist. In addition, she has put in the hands of her lawyers everything related to her Instagram account, who will take legal action against any content that has been disseminated in a derogatory way.


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