Mercedes Milá slams Adara Molinero: Authentic Shame


Mercedes Milá’s Displeasure With Adara Molinero

Mercedes Milá has become fed up with Adara Molinero’s attitude. On the day, the television presenter supported the influencer in her passage through ‘GH VIP’, but the way she is treating her companion, Asraf Beno, has made her change her opinion completely in ‘Survivors 2023’. The model and the boyfriend of Isa Pantoja went from love to hate overnight.

The Worst Confrontation

At the gala this Thursday, the two had their worst confrontation and generated a lot of debate for the reproaches and accusations they exchanged, since some of these were apparently unfounded. But, without a doubt, what has most annoyed Mercedes Milá is that the rest of the survivors took a stand with Adara and left Asraf behind without “giving a single argument to justify his aggressions“. Asraf and Adara have ended up crying several times.

Mercedes Milá’s Opinion

The veteran journalist has admitted that the contestant has hugely disappointed her. “From Adara I feel real shame; a shame that is equal to the gratitude I felt towards her for so many weeks when she was her best friend and defended her with reason from her companions,” she began. “But that (suddenly and without seeing any image that explained it) changed and we saw a hard and so unfair contestant that the followers of this great format began to defend her with the weapon they have, the most powerful: their applause in the studio and above all their votes” she continues, and has pointed out what she considers that the problem has to do with racism: “Asraf is Moroccan and although he has lived almost all his life in Spain, for many people, even if he speaks perfect Spanish, he will always be an immigrant”.


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