Michaël Youn : why he had to forgo his third album with Fatal Bazooka

Michaël Youn has embodied his character of Fatal Bazooka in a movie and two albums. What we did not know, it is that he has made a third album that was never released. The actor explains why he preferred to leave it in a drawer.

Fatal Bazooka, aka Fat Baz, F. Bazook, F. B., F. or ” fff “, is a sacred character. Imagined it at the beginning of the years 2000 by Michaël Youn for the Morning Live, he made a cardboard surprise in the charts. This started as early as 2006 with the single, Fous ta hood and continued the following year with You’ve seen ?, an album full of hits like Bad faith at night, Talk to my hand, or I like too much your ball. Three years later, the actor found his character to a new success : the film Fatal, which has achieved not less than 1.2 million entries in France. Parodying skillfully the hip-hop of the 90’s (with such a beautiful reference to the look of MC HAmmer), the stars of reality tv of the 2000s (thanks to the character of Athena Novotel) and foreshadowing the success of short-lived artists such as LMFAO, Michaël Youn has just typed. The original soundtrack of the film, released in the wake of this, has also been very appreciated, with his parodies of different French artists and their variety of musical genres. But since then, no trace of Fatal Bazooka.

Michaël Youn has tried to do back Fatal Bazooka

In an interview very touching, granted at First, Michaël Youn looks back on some of the failures of his career. One of them will remain without doubt his attempt, very little is known, put again the gold chains of Fatal Bazooka for a third drive. “Almost nobody knew it, but I tried to redo an album with Fatal Bazooka, he told. I was very happy after it is manufactured and began testing a few sounds, to film a clip. And it didn’t work at all… ” The artist, who had yet so precisely captured his era in 2010, has realised that his references were not any more topical. “I realized that I was no longer in tune with the music. More capacity for parody. For me the rap, it was still Booba and LMFAO, while the world is passed to NLP and company. I was dropped “, he recognized. Michaël Youn has obviously managed to catch up, since it is now considering giving a sequel to the film Fatal !