Michel Sarran “disgusted” and enraged : this sad news to his restaurant

Michel Sarran wanted that justice requires its insurer, Axa, to indemnify him for his loss of business due to the Covid-19. The juror of Top Chef, ” angry “, has been rejected this 18-August by the court of trade of Toulouse.

Michel Sarran



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Like most of the restaurateurs de France, Michel Sarran has been hard-hit by the health crisis. Forced to close its institutions for the confinement, and obliged to face a heavy loss of business since their opening, the chef had hoped to obtain compensation from its insurer, Axa France. This would allow him to leave the head out of the water because, according to her estimates, the jury of Top Chef would have lost not less than 200 000 euros in recent months. But Michel Sarran has not been compensated : “The assurances have not played during this crisis, and have not shown solidarity “, was outraged with France Blue Occitania, this August 18. On the 30th of June of last year, Axa announced it had reached an agreement with a few hundred restaurateurs to indemnify “a substantial part” of their losses. Michel Sarran, to him, had brought the matter before the justice. But the tribunal de commerce of Toulouse had not given him the reason.

Michel Sarran dismissed by the justice : he will appeal

As reported by France Bleu Occitania, the juror of Top Chef has lost his trial. Axa recalled that Michel Sarran had subscribed to an insurance contract standard, which ” is not intended to compensate a widespread epidemic in the territory or even in a pandemic like that of the Covid-19 “. The insurer explained that the leader would have been able to be compensated if the closure of his restaurant had been an isolated case : “therefore, the guarantee loss from operations as a result of the closure of the only facility of the insured to cause epidemic is an event likely and fits well in the context of the coverage of an indiscriminate or random risk, and allows the insured to mobilize its warranty. “But in the face of the national character of the thing, it was not covered… and so has lost in court this Tuesday, August 18. Michel Sarran, ” rejected, disgusted , “is” in anger : “This is the caricature of the contracts to which it is necessary to read the small lines to the end “, was outraged with France Blue Occitania. “We are tired of it ! “he won, before announcing that he was going to appeal.